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If you have ever chosen an online casino, you know how essential it is to find an unbiased and genuine review that will help you understand all the benefits and pitfalls of gambling there. Indeed, casino reviews online are not uncommon. However, finding a professional and truthful one is sometimes challenging.

That is why we consider it will be useful for you to know how we, as gambling market experts, are preparing our reviews. What do we pay attention to? What is the sequence of steps that we take? Keep reading, and you will know how reliable online casino reviews for Canada are prepared. Besides, with the help of this post, you will be able to analyze online casinos on your own.

Casino evaluation: The steps that we usually take

Undeniably, the first step is to determine an online casino that should be investigated. This might be either a choice of a gambling platform based on the requests of our readers, a newly launched casino, or a range of several gambling platforms that we are comparing to each other to determine the best one. Regardless of the input data, the steps we take are the same:

Step 1: Checking the licence and legality of the operation

All the best online casino sites reviews start with the information on the jurisdiction that has issued a licence of a gambling platform under consideration. And it is the first and most essential information that we check. Online casinos that operate in Canada can be licenced by various jurisdictions, either by one of them or by several. Here is the list of entities that issue licences:

  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission;
  • Malta Gaming Authority;
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission;
  • Antigua and Barbuda Financial Services Regulatory Commission;
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority;
  • Curacao Gaming Control Board;
  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission;
  • Dutch Gaming Authority, and some more.

So, it is crucial to verify if a casino under consideration has a licence and that this document is not fake. So, open the official website of the jurisdiction that has issued the document, proceed to its validator, fill in the necessary fields, and check the details. Not every entity provides this information to the public. However, it is always worth checking if it is possible.

Step 2: Reading feedback and comments from players

With the information on the legality of a gambling platform, the process of writing casino reviews online continues with finding the comments and feedback of other players. This process is quite time-consuming since a casino with at least fine years of operation might have collected plenty of reviews and comments to read. But we do not recommend skipping this step. By reading feedback from other gamblers, we can find out a lot of interesting details about a casino under evaluation:

  • Do they like the games?
  • Are they fair?
  • Are players able to withdraw the winning?
  • Is everything working as stipulated on the site?
  • etc.

In reading feedback from players, there are some essential aspects we should warn you about. First, be ready that a lot of comments are negative, which is logical. A disappointed player who has just lost in a casino is way more likely to look for a way to get back to a platform where they have lost. In this regard, it is also crucial to pay attention if a casino representative has reacted to comments and tried to help a player with a problem that has been described.

Also, some of the feedback that you can come across might be fake. This is because of extremely fierce competition in the gambling niche. Some dishonest providers resort to writing negative reviews about their competitors or positive comments about their platforms. That is why it is better to look for reviews from experts if you have no experience and cannot tell a real comment from a fake one.

And finally, while evaluating a newly launched casino, it is challenging to find enough reviews and feedback from players. In this case, it is possible to make conclusions on the reliability of a gambling platform based on other criteria that we are going to describe further.

Step 3: Evaluating a casino website

Next, it is necessary to open an official website of a gambling platform under evaluation and check:

  • How fast it loads;
  • How appealing its design is;
  • How convenient the website is;
  • How fast we can find the information we are interested in.

In general, the evaluation of the site implies checking how user-friendly and responsive a casino site is. And we and you, as casino users, can feel this by spending around five minutes on the site. This main idea is that an online casino that has built a user-friendly website has invested a considerable amount of effort and money in this. Scammers are unlikely to make significant investments. Well-designed, user-friendly, and responsive websites are built to serve for a long time, which is a sign of the casino owner’s intention to attract players and keep them satisfied.

Step 4: Reading the terms and conditions

Registering on any website, contemporary users are accustomed to checking the box that they have read T&C and that they agree to what is written there. This should not be the case when you are on a casino site. More so, we recommend reading T&C before you make your decision about a particular gambling platform. While preparing casino reviews online, we never skip this step. Since it is the T&C section that contains the most essential details on the terms of payment, withdrawals, wagering requirements, etc.

On the majority of casino sites, reading the terms of bonuses or the conditions of withdrawals, you are going to find a few specific points. Further, it will be written that T&Cs are applied. This means that you should definitely be aware of everything that you agree to before checking the box. Therefore, this section is a must-read.

Step 5: Checking the game portfolio

A contemporary online casino must offer gamblers a wide choice of games to select from. Some platforms are trying to offer gamblers the widest possible choice and add the products of various developers and strive to offer their players thousands of casino games. Other casinos are cooperating with one developer, exclusively offering only the products of a particular software developer.

In our real money online casino Canada reviews, we usually provide information about the available games, their number, and range. And it is up to players to decide if they want to play on a casino site with thousands of games or if they are interested in live dealer games and only such online casinos interest them.

If you are checking the list of developers a casino cooperates with, do not be too strict if you find only new developers. The market of online gambling is really vivid and develops at a fast pace. More and more software developers are appearing, and the fact that a casino offers the games of these vendors does not mean that they do not deserve your attention. At least the absence of worldwide known developers on the list should not be the reason to abandon a particular casino.

Step 6: Evaluating mobile experience

When we already know how many games a casino has, we can check if the mobile version of the site or its application has the same range. Also, it is necessary to be sure that the website under consideration is well-optimized for mobile devices. For this, there are no complicated steps to be taken — we just need to open a website on several smartphones or tablets and spend a few minutes on the site. Does the site work fast enough? How many games are available? It is crucial to make sure that we do not experience any inconveniences while using a casino site on a mobile device.

In terms of the availability of an application, we are just checking if a casino offers it and mention this in casino reviews online that we post. The decision is to be made by every particular gambler. Some prefer installing an app, while others are giving preference to instant gambling that does not require them to download any app that will occupy the storage space on a device.

Step 7: Comparing bonus offers

As you can see, we have placed the comparison and evaluation of bonuses in seventh place. This is because there is nothing difficult in making bright ads promising unbelievable rewards. However, before we make sure that a casino can be trusted, there is no sense to check what it can offer. Since these promises might never be fulfilled.

However, having pre-determined several casinos (when we are compiling a rating), we are comparing their bonus offers. It is crucial to evaluate the following aspects:

  • Is this a deposit bonus?
  • If yes, how much does a player need to deposit?
  • What is the validity period of a bonus?
  • Are there bonus codes that one needs to look for?
  • Are there free spins that a player can claim in addition to bonus credits?
  • Is there a match-up bonus?
  • What are the wagering requirements?

All this information is crucial and only after evaluating all of these terms, we are ready to prepare online casino bonus reviews and determine which of the casino offers the most appealing deals.

There is absolutely no rule of thumb here. Some casinos are extremely generous, while others are not. It is crucial to determine if a particular gambling establishment can be trusted (or select several platforms for comparison) and only then to evaluate the attractiveness of the bonus.

Step 8: Evaluating payment methods

Of course, we suppose that the majority of those who are reading our casino reviews online will try to gamble with real money. After all, gambling is about risk and adventures, and it is impossible to feel this way without making real-money bets.

So, players must have a choice of payment methods to select from. The standard casino set includes bank cards, wire transfers, at least several e-wallets, and sometimes even crypto wallets. And, of course, do not forget to check the methods for withdrawals. Some providers resort to various tricks, and limiting withdrawal options is one of them.

Step 9: Playing in the demo version

To be sure that the theoretically made conclusions are true and to be able to add more details to casino reviews online that we post, our specialists continue the evaluation process by playing in the demo mode. Gone are the days when the demo mode was not the same as with real money. Contemporary developers that provide demo games create them completely the same. The only difference is that the money is virtual, just like winning. Nevertheless, with the help of the demo mode, our experts can check if games are good enough and have no bugs.

Alternative option: Playing with minimum bets

If an online casino has no demo games (better if it has, however, it is not a must), there is another possibility to evaluate future gambling experience. It is necessary to make the minimum deposit and play with the minimum bets. In this way, we not only understand the whole process of creating an account and making a deposit but also can evaluate the fairness of the games and wagering requirements, as well as proceed to the process of withdrawals (if we are lucky enough). This is how the best online casino real money reviews should be prepared.

Conclusive words

The online gambling field is fascinating, and there are a lot of exciting emotions waiting for players, along with possibilities to make a profit. But all this will be only possible if the choice of a casino is properly made. And it is when reliable and informative casino reviews online are an indispensable tool. Rely on reputable resources or make your own investigation — you already know the steps that need to be taken, and remember the principles of responsible gambling and safe behaviour on the Internet. And you will definitely like the gambling experience waiting for you ahead.